No.9 STEELS LTD is pleased to announce that they have negotiated a sales distribution contract with ZEODOS based in Valencia, Spain. Our intentions are to introduce the product to different countries other than Spain. It is registered and approved at European level for imports, exports and distribution from Spain.

What is it?

It's a gas generating capsule which is used to break rock and concrete without the usual problems associated with explosives and expanding cement. It is used in demolitions, excavating, levelling ground and dimensional stone quarries. The capsules are easy to use, quick and reliable.


How is it used?

  1. Drill a hole in the rock
  2. Place the capsule in the hole
  3. Stem the hole with sand
  4. Connect the cables to a battery operated firing system
  5. Fire

 What are the advantages?

It offers great advantages compared with explosives regarding safety in transport, storage, handling and usage. 

Rules and regulations are much more relaxed (ADR Vehicle is not necessary when

transporting these goods, neither is an explosives police security escort or a powder keg/explosives storage unit etc.)

Drill holes are more widely separated than with expansive cement, saving up to 80% of drilling. Also, fly rock and noise is minimal.

The possibility to control fractures in material and not just demolish it has been demonstrated with these capsules in dimensional stone. (Please see photos below)

Too many questions?

Please just view the videos and judge for yourself. (Click on Link for playlist)




The product can be used inside buildings and for demolitions on inner city sites, motorways, dimensional stone quarries, tunnels, etc. They are especially useful in circumstances where the application of explosives would not be advisable because the execution would be too complicated and too dangerous. Whilst using ZEODOS it would not be necessary to stop all of the workers on site, evacuate nearby areas or


roads, or avoid electrical networks or industrial installations (including products classed as hazardous material). ZEODOS can also be used underwater:

• Underwater drain structures
• Building in ports
• Reservoirs
• Dams or ravines


ZEODOS also produces micro-capsules to break medium to small rocks as well as concrete. These have been developed to eliminate the build up of dried cement in cement mixers and ovens, delicate jobs in civil engineering, rescues and speleology.


ZEODOS Playlist